Thursday, 11 August 2011

65 years ago today...

... dad was born.

Look at the fancy knitware nan dressed him up in!
Would the little man be laughing so if he'd known this picture would one day be posted on the internet?

Ah yes, the love of the sea started at a very young age...
I'm guessing (as dad is Rotterdam-born) that this is taken at Hoek van Holland
(Hook of Holland). To Roterodami also known as 'Rotterdam by the Sea'.
I'm not sure the Hook people care much for that name.

Here we go. Look at him being the little gentleman in his snazzy coat
with the double row of buttons. In this picture it's also clear to see where I get
my great big round head with the chubby cheeks from. Thanks dad.

Yes, I'd be looking miffed too if they'd put me in that bath tub on wheels.
No wonder strollers like these were used for smuggling purposes in the war.


Obviously the originals of the above photos were not taken by me.
I did however take pictures of them with my iPhone that came out quite well,
if I say so myself.


Gefeliciteerd papa

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