Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Behind the English Piss Pot

I kid you not. This street sign in my home town really says ‘behind the English piss pot’. It’s an actual street address for the tiniest of alley ways leading to a residential plot. Can you imagine having to register this as your official residence? I’m sure a lot of people will think you’re taking the piss – pun intended!
I’ve never bothered to find out the origin of the name. I have this sneaking suspicion you see that I will be sorely disappointed and that the truth will turn out to be well, quite boring.

My favourite explanation which I admit is of my own invention entirely, is that this small alley was named thus because in days long gone an inn or tavern was located next to it, called the English Something or Other. The English Piss Pot might have been the name the locals gave the inn as an allusion to the quality of the beer served there!  In that case I can think of a few other, present-day places quite deserving of the name as well.
Photo taken by me with my iPhone


  1. I like your explanation too! :)

  2. I have been sorely tempted since posting this to try and find the real explanation but I don't think it can beat mine! ;-)

  3. Definitely! I'm going through all your entries, I'm your very own personal stalker here!

  4. I like the idea of a personal stalker (ooooooooo, famous last words!!) ;-D


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