Saturday, 20 August 2011


Bet you thought that when you saw the tomb stones in the picture with my last post that you were going to be regaled with another ghost story.

Sorry kids. No can't do.

I've been told by my weekend guest that any and all ghost stories are off-limits for the remainder of the weekend.

This after I scared the crap out of her on Friday night with my tales of the Llandaff Ghost Walk. Hadn't even gotten halfway through the stories yet. Was just really starting to get into it you know. Oh well. What can I say? The Gwrach-y-Rhibyn strikes again.

The fact that I said the light in the fire place seemed to conjure up the ghostly image of a face didn't help either.

I know. I can be so evil.

Picture is of a gargoyle at Llandaff Cathedral. Taken with iPhone then edited with Poster app.


  1. What can I say - it was DARK out, and she was telling the creepiest story. And I happen to have a vivid imagination... So yes, she got me scared, and yes, she can be mean, she happily continued the story after I had proposed to change the subject - can you believe it? :-P
    The Weekend Guest

  2. Evil.....just pure evil ;-D ;-D

  3. I take it you guys are not coming on my next ghost walk then? Oh well, no matter... I'll make sure to TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT!


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