Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Curse of the Welshcakes

To S.C. from E.

WHAT have I ever done to you?

I repeat: WHAT have I EVER done to you?

And oh, please DO enlighten me: WHAT exactly did you NOT understand when I said 'I so do not need another addiction'?

My Welshcakes have arrived today. The Welshcakes I didn't quite know how to get my hands on until SOMEBODY thought it necessary to provide me with the address of Welsh Cakes Online. 'You could always try these' he said innocently. HAH!

You, SIR, have been sent by the gods to try me.

Look at them. Just LOOK at them.

They are golden. They are moist. They are buttery without being heavy. They have survived being in a box for 8 days* without developing any kind of staleness.

Oh and these, let me tell you, are the small ones. Do they look particularly small to you? Makes you wonder what size the big ones are. Let's please not find out!

In view of yesterday's determination to get rid of the wobbly bits, I've only had TWO.
Yes, applause IS in order.

It took all of my willpower and then some, but I managed to put the rest of all that golden loveliness into a tin. I then put the tin in a hard to reach place. Just so I can't sleepwalk my way over to them tonight (I swear that's how I've put on many a pound).

And now I'm looking for other victims. I still have TWENTY-TWO deliciously yummy not-so-very-small Welshcakes left and I have no intention of being the only one succumbing to them. If my goal of looking the tiny delicate flower I really am can be achieved a bit more easily by fattening the rest of you, then I'm all for sharing.  

I intend to take as many of you down with me as I can. 

Not YOU though, Mr. S.C. from E.
YOU are not getting ANY. Serves you right for leading me astray.

* I could have already had my hands on these last Thursday if it wasn't for the fact that:
  • The letterbox turns out to have a ridiculously tiny slot
  • The mailman kept coming when I was out instead of following his regular schedule. Should not be allowed. What is the world coming to.


  1. Well in my defense your honor I was merely pointing out that -
    a) that you could buy them on line
    and of course
    b) I have a reputation for being a bad influence to maintain ;-D
    They do look yummy though and I reckon that a certain person whose name begins with f will be on her way round as soon as she sees the photo of them to help you in your hour of need ;-)

  2. I so did not need to know that these were only a few clicks away.

  3. Nor me!!! Boo Mr. S.C. from E!

  4. Have you tried the M&S ones? I tried them recently and quite liked them but they do have a strong nutmeg flavour and I think I might actually prefer them without nutmeg. Did yours have nutmeg in them at all? Were they really that good or was it poetic license? :)

  5. No nutmeg was harmed in the making of these Welshcakes ;-) And yes, they are good. They are more than good, they are divine. If you were Dutch I could explain it to you better cos these taste a bit like our 'boterkoek' only less dense and more moist and with sultanas. Sigh...

  6. IN that case I might just ordr me some!!!


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