Tuesday, 16 August 2011


When I wrote my earlier post on my intense dislike of ginger, I did of course only mean the spice.

In no way did it reflect my opinion of red-haired people.

And that includes the catty variety.

Photo taken with iPhone, model a deceptively angelic looking Mouna


  1. WOW.....that has to be the gingerish cat I've ever seen, amazing colour - beautiful

  2. Amazing colour - and amazingly naughty - with a meow that could wake the dead! She's my dad's natural alarm clock - every morning at 5 AM!!

  3. Aaaaaawwwww.... You should post another pic in which you can see her eyes - one of the prettiest cat eyes I've ever come across!!

  4. Gorgeous cat! Beautiful!! She can't be naughty! Does she really wake your father up so early??

  5. Every single day! Well, to be fair: in winter she has a lie in until 6 AM! It's really the funniest thing: first she stands by the bed and starts serenading him, which he tries to ignore, then if he doesn't respond she'll start tapping his cheeks with a fluffy ginger paw, and if he still won't open his eyes, she'll start the vigorous prodding... ;-)


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