Sunday, 21 August 2011

Home is where the Hearth is

Isn't she just gorgeous?

The moment I started looking for a new home, I knew it had to have one of these. Had to. Non-negotiable. If my new home didn't come with one of these already, I was going to make absolutely sure to have one put in.

Doesn't a fireplace just give you the ultimate homey feeling with its warm glow? To me, it represents Instant Cosiness. No matter how bleak the weather is outside (and trust me, Dutch weather scores high on the bleak-o-meter even in summer), a fireplace, a comfy sofa, a nice hot cuppa (or a sparkling cold glass of prosecco) and a good book or happy banter will soon chase all the gloom away.

I remember we had a fireplace when I was little. Ah, the smell of the burning logs, the crackling sounds, the warm reddish glow all over the room... and the cat dozing in a pose of ultimate bliss and relaxation right in front of the fire until we were sure he had to be half cooked.

Sadly, I couldn't have a real wood-burning fire in this home. Would have been a bit tricky on the 4th floor of a new apartment building with no chimney or a venting duct. But: every cloud has a silver lining: MY fireplace comes with a REMOTE CONTROL. Isn't that just deliciously decadent??

Just picture it: coming home from work, kicking off your shoes, flopping down on the sofa, one press on a button and voilĂ : Instant Cosiness. Bliss I tell you.

Of course my ultimate dream when it comes to fireplaces is to have this huge gorgeous old house in the woods or by a pond with its own library and a huge fireplace. But until I'm the self-proclaimed Lady of the Manor, my current fireplace absolutely does the trick.

Of course I still have great plans for it. I'm on the lookout for the perfect mirror to hang over the mantle. I'm going to have to do something with bookshelves. Oh, and it still needs a cosy rug. And a gorgeous man to have a glass of wine with on said rug. Plus the other thing, obviously.


  1. Now that looks just the job - perfect :-)

  2. Love your fire place, love our tea sessions :o)


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