Friday, 12 August 2011

Last Friday - destination Cardiff

Notice board at airport says head over to passport control immediately. No staff at passport control for good half hour until queue is half a mile long.
Trying to block piercing nagging voice of passenger next to me on flight telling friend about husband’s faults. Husband’s main fault seems marrying woman with piercing nagging voice.
Dozing on Stansted express. Need to stop self from going into insufferable-know-it-all mode when German woman starts lecturing daughter about Tower of London, placing Henry VIII in 13th century and giving him 8 wives.
Text from Fu saying she’s off to GP to have sore hand examined. Seize extra time to take DLR to Greenwich for quick errand. Forget for umptieth time to get off at Cutty Sark. Desired stall at Greenwich market turns out to only be there on Sat & Sun.
Fu told can’t help you by GP, go to A&E instead to have hand checked out. Despite clearly visible sling people keep bumping into sore hand on bus.
Get back on DLR and change to Central Line at Bank. Face 2 inches away from girl’s hairy sweaty armpit. Do get a chance to study her tattoo up close. Hairy sweaty butterfly.
Fu not seen by anyone at hospital for good two hours.
Collect case at Liverpool St station to get tube to Paddington. Circle-bloody-line closed. Making mental note to self to check whether Circle-bloody-line even exists as haven’t been able to get on it during last 8 visits to London.
Get black cab to Paddington from Liverpool St station. Tip myopic cabbie handsomely as he thinks I’m 29 and sound British.
Fu told at A&E can’t help you, have a nice painkiller love. Hand should be fine in 3 weeks or so.
Fu embarking on journey from Surbiton to Paddington. Gets told at Wimbledon that District-bloody-line is also closed, get on bus instead dearie.
Weary travelers meet up at Paddington. Fast bloody ticketing machine's cheapest tickets to Cardiff are 189 pounds. Weary travelers join long queue at ticket office instead.
Taking up strategic position near platforms 9 and 10 as last 4 trains to Cardiff departed from 9 or 10. Train is announced to depart from platform 2 instead. Half of people at Paddington make a run for platform 2.
Finally squeezed on train and standing in corridor. Train won’t depart as too many people on it. Nobody moves to get off train. Train finally departs 15 minutes late.

More people trying to get on train at Reading. Standing position more snug by the minute. Mental note to selves: reserved seating next time.
Half of people on train get off at Swindon. Good leg and elbow work to finally secure seats. Elaborate theories on the attractions of Swindon.
10 PM: Cardiff central station.
10.10 PM: check-in at hotel.
10.40 PM: taxi to Mermaid Quay.
11 PM: only liquid food still available.

2 AM: Mermaid Quay wonderful. Cardiff amazing. All is well with the world.


  1. "the attractions of Swindon" - interesting concept :-D

  2. Love the pics at the end :-)

  3. Those look fabulous and well worth the travel hassle!!!


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