Thursday, 18 August 2011

The scent of a home part 2

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post on the scent of a home.

Purists be warned. You may want to have a lie down in a darkened room after you've read this. Or stand by an open window taking in deep breaths.

Alright, here goes: I've lately become quite addicted to certain fragrances for the home.

No, I don't mean those nauseatingly sweet fragranced candles. And God forbid, I don't mean stuff like Febreze or Oust either. If you need to cover up smells in your home, do something about the cause of the smell rather than mask it. Alright, yes, maybe a small spray of Oust when your cat has just done its business.

Nope, my latest must-haves for the home are in an entirely different category.

First of all there's Yin, the new 'calming bed & body mist' by Rituals. I admit it, I fell for the pretty packaging (very zen). But it's DIVINE. I find it both uplifting and relaxing. I love spraying it over my bed before I go to sleep, especially over the pillows. I also love spraying it in the air and then standing in the descending mist (I lately saw an episode of Miranda where she did just that - but she used Febreze so that's something else entirely. Really).

What does it smell like? Er... Organic White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren. Yes, I know. Fat load of help that is. Try it anyway. 

And then there's my favourite: a spray of orange and cinnamon oil. Two of my favourite fragrances combined, and it makes for the ultimate uplifting blend. Unless you hate the smell of oranges of course. Or cinnamon.  In any case: I happen to love it.

But here's the snag. Guess what I just read in a book on aroma therapy?

'Be careful with the use of orange oil or cinnamon oil when you're trying to lose weight. Both of these are well-known for STIMULATING YOUR APPETITE!'

A-HA! I knew it! Not my fault at all then. Can't help my cravings. I'm not weak. It was the oils. Makes perfect sense. Absolutely.  

Photo taken with iPhone, then given a Sunsetter filter.


  1. orange and cinnamon oil stimulating your appetite eh - great excuse babe hahahahahahaha.
    Sounds just the job to go with a drop of vodka!

  2. Humph - it does too (she says sulkily). I'm living proof!

    Good idea re the vodka though.

  3. Nah, not from where I'm standing ;-)


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