Thursday, 1 September 2011

Some like it... Splott

I love these cards. LOVE them. Don't you just love these cards??

Fu and I were shopping in the arcades in Cardiff when I found them in one of the tiny shops there.

I smiled when I read the first one but after I'd gone through all of them I was grinning like a mental case. Fortunately I wasn't alone in my childish delight - the shop owner joined in the fun. She mentioned some other titles that were sold out (The Grapes of Roath! The Dai Vinci Coed!) and we made up some new ones together on the spot. That's the trouble with these - you just suddenly catch yourself 'welshifying' book and film titles. And I'm not even Welsh!

I was SO tempted to use 'The Llandaff time forgot' for my post on all the eerie goings-on in Llandaff. Felt I owed it to the ghosties and ghoulies though to go with some more sinister creations of my own.

Can't wait till they come up with new cards (believe they've got 16 titles out now -
I want them all obviously). And I so want them to do 'Llandudno what you did last summer'! I didn't make that up myself no. But I would have if they hadn't gotten there first!

What are MY new titles?
Sorry, can't tell you. Still negotiating with the guys over at I loves the 'Diff.

Images of cards pilfered from I loves the 'Diff website.


  1. I love these cards and I get what you mean about catching yourself making up new titles


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