Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Woe is me

Great. Just bloody great. Like I really needed another food stuff to get addicted to. God knows I’ve got me plenty of those already – and the wobbly bits to prove it.

I stumbled on these in Cardiff. Well, I couldn’t really have missed them, they were everywhere. They smell buttery. And cinnamonny. A very come-hither type of smell. It lured me to my doom, that’s what it did. I couldn’t help myself.
They’re called welshcakes. Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it? But don’t be fooled. They’re lethal. I've heard them being described as Welsh scones but that just doesn't cut it. These are INFINITELY better than scones. They're a sort of flat, biscuitty cakes (for some reason that sounds better than cakey biscuits). And they're divine.

Best ones I sampled are from Fabulous Welshcakes at Mermaid Quay. Adorable little shop but the smell in that place alone is so full of calories I think I spontaneously gained a few ounces just standing there. The lovely lady at the counter said even they still found it hard to not constantly sample their own wares. I believe her. Pity they didn't have a job opening.
And now I'm back in NL and my stock is wearing thin. And I have just calculated that at the very fastest, it will take me 5 hours and 15 minutes from my door to Mermaid Quay to get me a new batch.
I may just need to get me the recipe.


  1. Save me one, please-please-plittyplease?

  2. You could always try these!!!

  3. Trust the editor of ukfoodonline to come up with a solution! ;-D

  4. We aim to please ;-D

  5. Next time save me some cakes!!


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