Saturday, 3 September 2011

A country stroll

I found the perfect way to end the day I thought. The city centre was swelteringly hot today and not a little crowded. A leisurely stroll home through country lanes seemed just the thing. Peaceful. Quiet. Relaxing. 

I was feeling quite pleased with myself and my brilliant idea when I sauntered on to the sandy paths of the marsh lands, just outside the old fortified walls of the city. The sound of crickets. The smell of grass. Butterflies chasing each other. Bliss.

It must have been about 5 minutes into my walk when I realised that I was actually not equipped with the right footwear for a country stroll. My sassy open-toed shoes with the not-all-too-high heels had been perfect for my girlie gossipy tea sesh. For uneven country lanes: not so perfect.

A little while later still I came to the conclusion that the trouble with marsh lands is that there is actually quite little in the way of shade to be found. And that it was still really really hot. And that I had left my water bottle next to my chair.

I had already developed a limp and was feeling parched and not a little sorry for myself when I finally reached my goal. The pedestrian ferry that would take me across the stream and close to my neck of the woods.

Ah, the relief. Normal roads from now on. And a chance to buy me a new water bottle as soon as I was on the other side of the water.

Bit of a pity therefore that the ferry would not come to the shore. Not even after a vigorous turning of the wheel for 5 hot and frustrating minutes. I was left with no alternative but to limp back the way I came.

I hope you like the pictures of my country stroll.

Pictures taken with iPhone then given an Instagram filter.


  1. Looks loverly and peaceful. Nice arty photos too :)

  2. I was not feeling so very peaceful limping my way back trust you me! ;-D

  3. Gosh - we'll go on a shopping spree for some hiking shoes!! I know you don't think they're pretty - but they're the best bet for these outings :)) xoxo

  4. My blisters agree with you... :-(

  5. I will get you to go hiking-shoes-shopping with me sometime - maybe after you next hike in nature ;-) xoxox

  6. Nice one Fab, any excuse for a good shop ;-D

  7. Looking at those photographs again its amazing how similar they look to places I've been to in the wilds of Norfolk and Suffolk.

  8. Si, if you think you've just displayed an amazing insight into a woman's mind: shopping for HIKING shoes is not my idea of bliss! ;-D

  9. Like I didn't know that hahahahahahahahaha


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