Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dinah Washington already sang it...

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday was not absolutely fabulous. In fact, yesterday did not even make it to the list of not-so-great-but-quite-passable days.

I was working on the Mega Big Ultra Important Presentation. The one that is supposed to win me brownie points for its ultimate cleverness and jaw-dropping finesse.

I did not quite manage to get in the flow.

For yesterday, you see, everyone apparently needed my Undivided Attention for whatever emergency or calamity they themselves were plagued with. Yes, apparently I DO have ‘sucker’ written on my forehead. This all might explain why I didn’t do what I would normally do, which is save whatever I am working on every 10 minutes or so.  

You can see where this is going. Catastrophe dead ahead.

In spite of constant interruptions, I was working doggedly on and things were starting to take shape nicely, quite nicely indeed, when my screen went black. I won’t bore you with a detailed account of my frantic attempts to retrieve a full day’s work. Suffice it to say that the result was: ‘computer says NO’.

I was not feeling very zen when I finally made it home last night. So I decided to cancel all plans for Saturday and have some ME time instead.


I had the longest lie-in this morning.

Followed by the most heavenly candle-lit rose-petalled milk bath. No seriously. The stuff came out of a jar but it still had rose petals in it. And milk. I was feeling very Cleopatra, except I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have had to clean the tub afterwards.
Rosy and refreshed I went into town for some retail therapy and treated myself to some of my favourite teas and a lovely scented candle. All for more zen moments at home.

And then this rather dishy fellow with a plate of canap├ęs standing outside his deli shop tried to tempt me with some of his wares. I bravely declined, smiled apologetically and explained I was trying to lose some (rather a lot of) weight. To which he replied he didn’t see why as I looked so very appetizing as I was. Bit of a strange choice of words but still flattering and let's not forget the man is in the food business after all. I still declined sampling any of his goodies though. Key word in last sentence is ‘any’ in case you hadn’t spotted it.

So yeah, I was feeling good and at peace with the world again when I came home, kicked off my shoes, made myself a nice cuppa and decided to check the internet for a second.

Only to find that my favourite Home Blogger had not only left a lovely comment on my blog but also featured me on HER blog.

I is feeling very zen at the moment.

Now if only the little voice in the back of my head would stop reminding me I have some chocolates left in the bottom left drawer of the kitchen.


  1. Outdone yerself AGAIN :-))) Great read! xoxox

  2. Thanks - guess this explains the bird song! ;-D

  3. Getting a bit low on tea stocks aren't we :-D
    Agree with Fab, another great blog!!

  4. Yeah, I mean, I only had about 17 different kinds left, you'll have to agree that won't cut it...

  5. only 17 left...shocking. If you need a wider range, there's this website that ..............:-D

  6. Ah but there's no calories in tea so that's perfectly safe. Unless we make it an afternoon tea type thing.


    Now you've got me thinking of scones and clotted cream.



  7. Yep you can even buy proper cream teas online now.....OUCH!!!...MEDIC...;-D

  8. You might want to say that with a slightly higher pitch to your voice...

  9. Not only a higher pitch to my voice but its very hard to type when your eyes are watering this much .....


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