Wednesday, 7 September 2011


At first I thought the universe was plotting against me.

Because seriously, I pay a visit to Etsy again for the first time in months and the home page throws a picture of mail-order brownies at me.

You read that right, mail-order brownies. With me still on the monster diet. With me loving the chewy fudgy chocolatey delight that is a brownie. LOVING it.

No fair. I would almost venture as far as to say this one was below the belt.

Not that I didn't click on the link of course, in an act of self-torture so very common to those voluntarily deprived of food. And to my surprise I did not end up feeling sulky and sorry for myself! Yes. I know that surprises you too. 

This does not mean of course that I have seen the light and that raw veg has replaced chocolate as my idol. I mean, seriously. It's just that the story BEHIND the brownies was so empowering.

It's the story of a woman who fought and overcame cancer. And who decided after that experience that she was no longer going to dream about what she'd rather do in life. She was going to take action to fulfill her dream instead. And that just happened to be baking cakes. Sounds like a perfectly good dream to me!

Without further ado she started her business Taart van Toen (Cakes of Yesteryear)*. And it took off, well, like a dream actually!

Marjolein now runs her business from an old farmhouse in which she bakes, does cake-making workshops, serves afternoon teas etc. But she wants to make some changes to the building to make things even more perfect. And that's where the brownies come in.

She has now started a brownie mail-order service to help pay for all the necessary work. You can either place a one-time order or buy a subscription so that on 5 dates a year, the post man will deliver a parcel of loveliness to the address of your choice.**

This woman is following her dream and she's doing it with BROWNIES.
She has to be my long-lost twin.

I almost signed up there and then for the five-deliveries-a-year brownie subscription. If only I knew I'd manage not to enter my own address.


* Sorry, website is only in Dutch

** She does ship outside the Netherlands

First two photos are from, the banner is nicked from the website


  1. And this time I'm staying QUIET on the subject of mail order cupcakes and brownies and a website that may or may not give you access to loads of em ;-D


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