Sunday, 11 September 2011

Of love, loss and longing... 10 years since

The hardest bit for me to watch today is the loss and the longing of those left behind. I don't want to imagine what it must have been like to say goodbye to a loved one in the morning, and then to have to watch those heart-rending images later in the day. The hours of uncertainty and the despair when a sign of life failed to come. Those people who jumped. Oh my God, the people who jumped. Were they recognised by their families as they leapt to their death? I so hope they were not. To know that their last moments were filled with such despair, it's just too much. 

And yet it is also comforting to know that this day isn't just about remembering terror. It's also about love. Love that lasts and that can't be destroyed. Whatever type of idiot thinks violence is the answer. Wherever in the world, because let's face it, tragedies as these happen every day and often fail to get our attention. The events of 10 years ago, as the Madrid and London bombings, just bring it closer to home as it happened in the West for a change. 

On a day like today, let's stop and remember all those who fell victim to senseless brutality. 

Listen to the late great Eva Cassidy's version of Autumn Leaves, a song of love, loss and longing.   

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