Sunday, 4 September 2011


Not too long after I wrote about my proud ownership of an orange door, I read this post on the colour orange in one of my favourite blogs about the concept of Home.

It made me realise that even though I made the very firm statement that the colour orange now remained on the outside of my home, I did actually have a few splashes of it about the place after all.

Including quite a big one you stumble upon right after opening the front door.

Um. Can't believe I missed that when I wrote my earlier post. The thing is huge!

And there are some other examples. Like the Japanese tea set (only a fraction of which is displayed below) I had my heart set upon for years. It took dad three hours of travel to get it for me for my 30th birthday.

So actually, I'm not an orange-o-phobe.

Not as if anyone who has seen my previous sofa would have ever believed that anyway.

I did like the explanations in Linda's post on what it means if you love or hate the colour orange.

I'm with her. I'm in the middle somewhere too. 

Only the good bits apply to us obviously. 


  1. Obviously :) And the orange accessories you do have in your house, are beautiful - especially the painting! <3

  2. got to agree, that painting is stunning! ;D

  3. It's even more gorgeous than in the photo: it's gold leaf that was lacquered 50 times and when it catches the light it's fantastic ;-)

  4. well one day i might have to come and see it in the flesh ;-)

  5. You're not kidding me - you wouldn't come to NL to see a painting but for sampling fresh stroopwafels at the market square, the one and only authentic Bossche Bol, and of course tons of Dutch licorice...

  6. hahahahahahaha you know me too well TG hahahahahaha


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