Thursday, 8 September 2011

The shakes

I was sitting at the dining table this evening, enjoying a cup of tea with no biscuits and some light reading (which just happened to be a book of classic ghost stories), when my chair started to wobble.

Wobble. On its own accord. 

And I thought to myself:

What is this? What just happened here? 

And it wobbled again.

I then started listening for the sound of a freight train. I already knew though that a train couldn't really be the answer as I would hardly even hear one of those while sitting indoors, let alone feel its vibration.

I was quite puzzled. For a moment I thought I might have had some sort of dizzy spell but I soon discarded that idea - as I was quite certain I hadn't moved but the chair had!


What other explanation could there be?

Given my reading material my thoughts did for a moment go in a certain direction, I admit, but the thing is that it's much easier to ALMOST believe in ghosts when you're standing in some dark and eerie place. In my own cosy apartment: nah.

And then something flew up against the window.

Yeah, alright, my heart did miss a beat for a second but then I got up and went outside on the terrace to see if the poor stupid pigeon was alright. It was - just a bit dazed like the last time it did its kamikaze routine. I left it some muesli. It thanked me by crapping all over the place.

And now I've watched the news and the mystery is solved. It was an earthquake.

An actual earthquake - 4.5 on the Richter scale. In Holland.
First time we had one that I actually noticed. Huh.

I guess I'm just a teensy tiny bit disappointed that there really was a rational explanation for the riddle of the moving chair. And I know I'm going to really really regret those words if my bed starts to move in the middle of the night.


  1. "my bed starts to move in the middle of the night" mine did once in taiwan and NO not because of that :D, it was a 4.7 rumble, but just like you and the chair its a weird experience. The locals who were completely unfazed by it, they only get going if one gets above 6, the only thing that concerned them was beer bottles moving across the table on their own hahahahahahaha

  2. This was really the weirdest sensation, as if someone was standing behind my chair and was shaking it! And then poor Kenji the Kamikaze Pigeon on top of that! ;-D

    I did continue reading 'the lost ghost' of course...

  3. Are u kidding?? I didn't notice anything! Gonna check the news websites now!


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