Thursday, 20 October 2011

Stairway to ... the fence (a cat story)

Oh dear.

I really want to post this story. 

But if I do, I'll have to confess to an embarrassing little secret. Something I'd much rather keep hidden. As my own dark little vice.

But this is a CAT story you see.

And a good cat story at that. With a happy ending. We're talking mucho contented cat. MUCHO.

So there's nothing else to it. I'll have to fess up.

Here goes (coughs and shuffles feet).

I sometimes read online tabloids. The gossipy ones.

Yes. I know.

The articles are mostly mind-numbingly idiotic. With more than a hint of misogynism when the next female celebrity gets slashed and burned for allowing herself to get photographed with a touch of cellulite (oh the shock, the horror!). Or worse: for not being back at pre-baby weight within two weeks of giving birth. The way these women let themselves go... it shouldn't be allowed. According to tabloid 'journalists' anyway. Whom I suspect have never been able to get near a woman. Something like Revenge of the Sad, Angry and Pathetic therefore.

WHY do I read them then (on occasion)? Er. Because sometimes it just feels good to give my brain some time off? Especially after a very busy day? Like it feels really good at times to go for a Big Mac instead of a home-cooked meal or dinner in a fancy restaurant?

Anyway - enough about the dark corners of my psyche. Back to the cat story!

I found this article on Daily Mail online a couple of weeks ago. 

Ginger tabby Tom is getting on in years a bit and sadly, so is his arthritis. Which means that it has become increasingly difficult for him to climb the fence of his owner Adrienne's backyard. To overlook his territory and mingle or mess with the neighbourhood cats. And jumping down the fence is obviously not doing his poor old joints a world of good either. 

One day, Adrienne's boyfriend Gareth couldn't stand the sight of it anymore. So he set to work to make Tom his very own spiral staircase to the fence. In my book, Gareth is the man of the year. Check it out.

The next pic is my favourite. Look at his smug little face. Doesn't it have 'I'm the King of the World' all over it?

So Adrienne: I'm saying this one's a keeper.

If you INSIST on reading the original article, it can be found here.

And for another bit on people who built some great stuff for their kitty, read this post over at Linda's blog. Them's good people.


  1. My gawd that is stupendous!! What a great last pic of him looking down surveying everything. Definitely keep that boyfriend - good stuff! (I've never met a bad Gareth!).

    Now, excuse me whilst I go finish off chocolate and the latest New Idea I just bought at the Supermarket on the way home (Aussie version of celebrity trash/goss magazine, although not quite on the bottom level).

    I only buy them once in a blue moon.... really.

    Linda. xox

  2. I love this cat!! Look at him sitting there!!

    And by the way: I read the Daily Mail too, but unlike you I do it every single day!! :)


  3. Trust me Linda, these online ones really are mostly bottom level! Those mags won't even come close! ;-)

    'I've never met a bad Gareth' - great title for a blog post or even a novel! Hee hee!! Come to think of it - the Gareths I've met (granted there weren't too many of them) have all been very friendly and forthcoming. Hmmm. What's in a name, eh??

    And I adore that cat... When are we going to see more of your Jessie again? ;-)


  4. Oh LG, really, get a grip girl! :-) ;-) ;-)

    Re cat: what about your plans to get a kitten? Or has the man put his foot down and demanded a puppy?


  5. do you know why I'm single? Because all the Gareths are already taken. I don't want some rich or good looking guy...I just want someone who can build a staircase for my babies when they can't climb anymore. And yes, the last picture is priceless, i love that expression.

  6. I hear ya Bobbi - give me a nice Gareth any day. A nice, honest, trustworthy bloke with a pleasant face and open face who wants to be there for you. And for any possible furry babies obviously. Never mind a big wallet - and beauty is in the eye of the beholder as far as I'm concerned! Yep, a nice Gareth would do me just fine!


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