Wednesday, 12 October 2011

9 little streets

There are times when a girl just needs a little retail therapy.

Even if it stays limited to a little window shopping. Sometimes the eyes and the soul just need a little taste of the colourful, the wonderful, the exotic, the quirky or even the just plain weird.*

Whenever that mood hits me there's no better place to go than to one of Amsterdam's nicest quarters, the  '9 little streets'. Which happens to be exactly what I did on Saturday afternoon.

And if after doing the 9 little streets I still haven't had enough, there's always the Magna Plaza on the way back. With its Sissy Boy Homeland store. I really heart the below mirror. And that chandelier. Serious attack of the gollumses - we definitely wants it my precious.

Obviously I now have a wish list longer than my arm.

* And believe you me, in Amsterdam they know a thing or two about weird. Yes yes, I AM of Rotterdam descent. Brits: think Liverpool versus Manchester. 'Nuff said?


  1. The strangest/weirdest/yet strangely cool shop I saw on my last trip to Amsterdam apart from the canal district obliviously, was a shop selling nothing but Xmas decorations all year round

  2. You have one of those in London as well!

    Oh and 'apart from the canal district obviously' - for a moment there I thought you were going to mention another well-known district in Amsterdam... ;-)

  3. And where exactly would the 'canal district' be - Amsterdam city centre being all canals?

  4. Well all I know was that it was a few years ago and I had to tell a young women to put her cardie on, she'll catch her death of cold sitting there in the window dressed like that. ;-)

    It was when England played Holland in Rotterdam in the footie, really brilliant moment when Holland went 2-0 up and 40,000 dutch fans turned to us 4,000 english fans and "sang always look on the bright side of life" in perfect english, I will never forget that, or five of us diving into the nearest bar by the stadium before the match and being confronted with a sea of orange and suddenly realising that the bar owner supported celtic - that one got us out of a jam :-D

  5. Oh, my goodness!! I really want that heart mirror to go with my heartfire motto!! It could go in my computer area where I have a mirror now... (although that mirror used to belong to my grandmother so it's much loved and has to be somewhere on show!).

    And, I love butterflies, although I have to admit I'm not sure I could live with having real but dead ones on display. They do look beautiful though.... and I know they don't live very long lives so are mostly found (or farmed) for these displays.

    Lucky you, that shopping precinct looks absolutely divine! Maybe I'll make it over there one day! (Have to get past my dislike of planes to do that though - lol).

    Linda. xox

  6. ...why did I believe you were living in Australia?
    So you are in Amsterdam. It has been on my visit list for ages, but my bank account hates me. And please tell me, if you're dutch, how come you can write in such a wonderful english.

  7. Yes Si, I kinda figured that was the district you meant. And yeah, that song is very popular! To be honest, I think you'd have been alright in that sea of orange even without the Celtic fan! ;-)

  8. I know what you mean Linda, I couldn't keep my eyes off that mirror - it was too gorgeous. But not very cheap and I wouldn't really have a place to put it without indeed getting rid of some other much loved items... my next house is going to have to be a mansion I've already decided... ;-) I hadn't realised but yes, it would be perfect to go with your motto!

    Those butterflies really appealed to me - and they're cardboard! No poor dead butterflies with a pin through their bodies - I know what you mean about those. My parents use to have them - and still do - and they're gorgeous butterflies. But it still doesn't feel quite right.

  9. Yes Bobbi, I'm in Holland! About an hour away from Amsterdam so it's really convenient to pop over. I always like visiting but I also always like heading back to my own town which has a calmer 'pace' to it. Thanks for the compliment on my English!! Ah, you should come to visit - once your bank account starts to like you again - sell some more gorgeous skirts and necklaces! But maybe you just can't leave the furry children behind?! ;-D

  10. "how come you can write in such a wonderful english" Bobbi, I have to tell you she speaks it wonderfully as well, if fact better than I do, and I'm a native ;-)

  11. Oh stop it - now you're making me blush - or worse, making me more smug than I already am about my language skills! ;-D ;-D

    But about my 'wonderful English': not too long ago I met a new Scottish colleague for the very first time and he told me: 'Are you really Dutch, you sound so incredibly English' to which I, super pleased with that AND myself obviously, said something like 'why thank you!'.

    To which HE then said: 'So you think that's a compliment then do you?!' Heee heeee!!

  12. You are so lucky to have all those amazing stores in your area! I had to travel to NYC this past weekend for my retail therapy of thrift and design stores :)

    I LOVE that heart mirror - absolutely amazing!! I certainly hope you'll go back soon and treat yourself to one or two things on your wish list :)


  13. Hi Jenn - better believe it! Only problem is deciding which ones to pick - not limiting my choice would mean one gigantic bill!

    Ah New York - the ultimate retail experience!! Hope you took some lovely items home with you?


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