Monday, 17 October 2011

When life gives you lemons

After yesterday's little episode, I felt the need for some comfort food. And I knew just what I wanted.

On my last trip to the UK I tried a delightful dessert called 'lemon posset'. I had never come across it before, although I do vaguely seem to recall that the word posset was already mentioned in the Scottish play. Not quite sure though - I may just be making that up! And I can't really see lady Macbeth serving this to her dear spouse - that would sort of disturb the whole sinister image. Although, perhaps lemons and sugar would have sweetened that little hand. Wasn't posset some sort of alcoholic drink? A hot toddy type thing? Oh never mind!

I LOVED it. It is rich, creamy, and delightfully lemonny (is that a word?). So I was determined to find me the recipe and make this at home one day. And what do you know? Easiest recipe for pudding in the world! I took that to be a sign. What do you mean I'm interpreting things to suit my own wants?

You need 500 ml of cream (Brits would use double cream, but we don't have that in NL, so I just took our regular variety), the juice of three lemons and 120 grams of sugar. And that's it!

Put the cream and the sugar into a sauce pan and bring to the boil while stirring so the sugar disolves. Let it boil for a good 3 minutes. Then take the pan off the heat, and pour the cream into a jug. Add the lemon juice, give it a good stir and then pour the mixture into containers of your choice. I used tea cups - looks ever so cute. This is a very rich dessert - you may want to use smaller containers. I'm a greedy pig so my relatively large tea cups suited me just fine.

The next bit in the process is the one I hadn't really thought about: it needs to set. In the fridge. For AT LEAST 3 hours. So much for the instant gratification I had in mind. Oh well. At least that means I won't have to think what to serve for dessert for this evening's girlie get-together.

I sampled one of the cups this morning. Had me a teaspoon of pale yellow loveliness - to die for. The acid in the lemon juice sets the cream which doesn't curdle the way milk does, because of its high fat content. You really end up with the smoothest of puddings with this recipe! I added some candied peel on top - just to make it look a bit more interesting.

Obviously I do need to reprogramme myself and not go for food the moment something upsets me. I'll sort that one out yet. For now I've got lovely lemon posset to look forward to tonight!


  1. I sacrifice myself to be a guinea pig for these types of dessert LOL xoxo

  2. Hey Fab, fight yer for them.
    Bugger, can't find a flight over ;-D
    Look very good though, VERY good

  3. If you think they LOOK good, wait till you taste 'em. They're my dream dessert: dead easy to make, will impress guests and tastes divine... What more could you want??

    Er.... something a little less high in calories maybe?

  4. something a little less high in calories maybe? -nah ;-D :-D

  5. I'm italian, I love calories. And I am a lemon junkie, ever since I was a little girl. I ADORE lemons and put them everywhere: in may water in my tea, in every cake I bake, and I like to cut little slices and suck them like a pacifier while I'm doing my things. I wonder how this would taste with soy cream, and I think sunday I'm going to try it.

  6. Atta boy Simon! ;-D

    And yes Bobbi, me too! I love lemons - there's nothing quite so uplifting as the scent of a freshly cut lemon. And I love sucking on little slices of lemon too - much to the horror of some friends who exclaim: but isn't that SOUR?? ;-D

    I've never tried soy cream before, is it any good? I do like soy milk I have to say. Hmm, I wonder how it would taste with soy cream. If you do end up making it you have to let me know the result! ;-)

  7. I'll just have a plain serving next time I'm over :-P (i don't need to book a flight Simon, how about that? Looks like we don't have to fight over the dessert heehee :-P )

  8. Thats just plain mean Fab hehehehe :-D

  9. Now now children, play nice! ;-)

    Si: go to St. John's bar & restaurant in St. John's street (yes, I mean in London). They do lemon posset.

    Fab: you're on. Next time you're over I'll make you a lemon posset made with 'regular' cream - yes yes, I know you detest anything soy-based. Which is a shame for a vegetarian!! ;-D


  10. But SI: obviously mine would have been better. I serve it with yummy shortbread on the side.

  11. Aaaaaaaah!! you didn't make the lemon posset last weekend!!! .... :'-( But maybe I really shouldn't have anything with cream... errr...well, maybe I can try just a little :-) Will you make it next time, please, please, plitty-please?

  12. Tell you what - I'll make it for my birthday. And you'd better have more than a teaspoon full of the stuff! ;-D

  13. You're on!!! :-)))) And remind me of the Deeksha when I'm there - that's something we keep on forgetting as well ;-) xoxo

  14. That sounds like a good exchange to me! ;-D


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