Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday morning laughs

This one made me smile.

And yes, the company I work for has a British parent company. So I have been able to witness my dear British colleagues coming to terms with what they perceive as our Dutch bluntness. The right term would in our view of course be 'straightforward' or possible 'direct'. But alright. Let's not nit-pick.  

And admittedly it does take the Dutch a bit of time to realise they could - at times - do with a somewhat more careful wording of messages. Just like at times they need to peel away the layers of British politeness to come to the core of messages. Not that the average Dutch person is shy about asking questions. To try and get to the heart of the matter - with all the subtlety of your average battering ram.

Funny that small cultural differences exist even between countries so very close to each other. But to me it makes moving in the corporate world all the more interesting and fun.

And we do pick up things from each other. Only last week a British colleague called me and said: 'Can I just be Dutch with you?'.

I love it.


  1. I'm saying nuffing ;-)

  2. Whahahaha - com' on Si - I dare you!!!

    Ps Sacha - love! it, especially the end - that'll be our new catch phrase :-))

  3. Hehehe - but honey, we're Dutch with each other all the time! ;-D


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