Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas nostalgia

It's not unlikely that Dutch readers will groan upon seeing these images. As all cloggies have grown up with the drawings of Anton Pieck, and his Christmas scenes in particular, people tend to appreciate them a lot less these days. They've become too familiar and ordinary as it were. It has even become 'du ton' to use terms as 'sentimental kitsch'. Ouch! 

Now I don't mind modern art at all, but I do also still love the dreamy nostalgia of Pieck's images. And as this is MY blog, I've decided to let you have a taste of them too. Don't the paintings exude a certain gentleness and cosiness (that probably never was)? Pieck himself often said he had been born at least a century too late, and his yearning for a bygone era really shows in his work.

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful, good old-fashioned festive season (whether you believe in a God or just in good cheer), with love and laughter and good food aplenty.

And, of course, I wish for you that your days may be merry and bright. Too sentimental? Well. I could have gone for 'God bless us everyone'. Exactly. 


  1. Thanks for showing the lovely art. Cloggies! I love it.

  2. WONDERFUL illustrations. I adore old paintings, they don't make it like these anymore. As much as I love computers and digital art, there is something about brush and pencils or crayons drawings that is unbeatble. It adds soul.

  3. They really are great aren't they? And yes, I do believe something of the artist's heart and soul is in these pictures. It's what makes them come alive. And these aren't even my favourites - I picked these because of the Christmas theme. I wish I could make something like this...

  4. Well I've never heard of him... and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. So, all the 'cloggies' will just have to 'deal'.

    Hope you had a great Christmas Sacha!

    Linda. xox


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