Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Well that explains things

I love old books. And old book stores.


  1. Ahhh, the secret is revealed.

  2. Well that solved that then!! No wonder I love the smell of old books and old book stores!

    Linda. x

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  4. Hi Deb & Linda - great bit of info isn't it?? ;-)

    Now I just want to take a day off and go treasure seeking in my favourite old book stores... We have plenty of those in NL!

  5. I'm beginning to be a big fan of Fitra 2009.

    Anyway, I always smell books. If they don't have the right smell I rarely buy them. this doesn't count for those books I buy online of course, in that case is the lower price that i go for. But the smell of old books is fascinating.
    And vanilla, oh vanilla. One of my favorite scents!

    1. I know - he or it is everywhere!

      Speaking of book smelling - yes, books should smell great. I once bought a book at a stall that I was delighted with. Old detective stories, a huge hardcover book with prints. I took it home and left it in the living room. When I came back into the house there was this strange smell of decay - almost like a smelly cheese, and I couldn't find the source. Until I smelled the book... In the end I had to get rid of it. Yuck!

      Ahhh, vanilla... I looooove vanilla. And cinnamon. Best scents in the world. Although orange and apple I also love...


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