Friday, 13 April 2012

The Brontës

Capturing the Brontë sisters and their oeuvre in just a few simple images and words. 

I bow to the master. Mistress in this case. 

Hurry over to Hark! A Vagrant for more of Kate Beaton's portrayals of historical and literary characters. I dare you not to snort or chortle or possibly wet yourself. 


  1. I never understood why Anne wasn't as successful as her sisters. She wrote 'Agnes Grey', right? I loved it. But I am not reliable I adore every single victorian book.

  2. As a very young teenager I devoured Charlotte's 'Jane Eyre' - couldn't stomach Emily's 'Wurhering Heights' and didn't much care for any of Anne's works. I started rereading the Brontes a couple of years ago and found that I still enjoy Jane Eyre (but not to the same extent as before), I still don't like Wuthering Heights (just can't relate to the main characters or feel for them), but I've come to really, really appreciate Anne's works. Is this a sign of maturity?? ;-)

    1. I thought Emily Bronte was over estimated, always. I like wuthering heights, but not as much as Jane Eyre. Of the three sisters, I always thought Charlotte was the best storyteller, Anne the best writer and Emily...better at marketing?

    2. Hmmm, that does actually sum things up quite well - Charlotte the best storyteller and Anne the best writer!

  3. Ok, herein I admit a horrible, horrible truth that I've never dared to mention to anyone else in the whole wide world before....

    I've never read any of their books.

    I know...... shock horror.

    Here I am, I self proclaimed book lover and adorer, a mad reader since my earliest memory, and I've not done something most normal book lovers do.

    I've watched some movies and a TV series based on a book or two of theirs.... does that count?

    1. I think actually that a lot of people out there only know the Brontë sisters' works through television and film!

      A friend of mine recently said that as there are so many film and tv adaptations out there, it's beginning to feel like she's being overexposed to some of the more popular works and therefore does not feel inclined to read the books. The stories have become too familiar. Maybe you fall into that category! ;-)

      Having said that, I do still like their works and they are very much worth a read when you have a bit more time on your hand. I also have several biographical books on them that prove a fascinating, if sometimes very sad read.


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